Jacqueline MC Photography LLC Maternity

I have always loved photographing friends and family from an early age ( I know that sounds like a cheesy intro to a resume but stick with me here ).  My favorite part was running to the store to pick up the pictures as soon as they were developed.  I wanted  to see how they turned out.


Growing up I literally covered my bedroom wall with all of those pictures. Yes, my actual wall, not a social media wall.  I loved being surrounded by all those memories I captured. My favorite photo was when our class took a trip to New York and I captured my friends and the New York skyline in a panoramic photo.  It wasn’t until much later in life that I really learned all the technical skills of photography.  I still love rushing home to see the photos but now my favorite part is being able to share it with clients.  I enjoy seeing how happy the photos makes them feel.