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Helpful tips for picking your outfit for your maternity portraits.

  1. This might seem early to start looking but its not some dresses are made to order or ship from far away

  2. Keeping in mind all your previous answers

  3. Do you want a two piece or one piece outfit

  4. I recommend a train on both skirts or gowns. That goes for both for tight or flowing dresses

  5. If you are choosing a Midi length I strongly recommend tight only. Midi dresses and baby bumps tend to cause the dress to fall in awkward spots and don't look right in photographs

  6. Some places to shop for maternity outfits

  7. Belly Baby Wear by Ana Brandt

  8. Angeshka Maternity

  9. Pink Blush Maternity

  10. Mother Bee Maternity

  11. Etsy

  12. If you are looking on Amazon I always recommend reading the reviews and

  13. Checking shipping times is important for all places is important some dresses are made to order or ship from far away

  14. Keep in mind potential outdoor weather if you decided you want outdoor pictures

  15. If you are picking a dress with a flounce be aware that the wind might be a factor and it could blow it around and look awkward in some photos. I do think they look beautiful but just something to keep in mind

  16. Think about possible layering items you can add to the outfit should the weather be less than desirable outside

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